10 Great Places to Promote Music Online (Music Sharing Sites, Social Media & Search Engine Optimized Website)

Promoting your music online, whether by using music sharing sites, social media, or search engine optimized website, is an essential part of building an audience for any musical artist or band. The importance of building an online presence has never been as important as it is today, with competition being as deep as it’s ever been. There are many different websites that allow you to build your fan base and get more listeners.

Let’s take a look at ten great places to promote your music online:

Facebook (www.facebook.com)

Facebook is one of the top options on this list because of its popularity. While many of these other websites may only have a few hundred thousand or a few million members, Facebook is able to boast a membership bigger than any website in the world.

As far as exposure goes, you can’t beat what Facebook can do for promoting your music online. They also have a great webpage system setup for bands and solo artists to continually promote their music and brand.

Wix (www.wix.com)

Wix is a great music promotion option because it gives you the ability to create your own website. Everything from the design to the content is entirely up to you, allowing you to be as creative as you’d like in order to cater to your audience and fans.

Spotify (www.spotify.com)

Spotify has become extremely popular as a music sharing website as it focuses solely on music and helping to gain exposure for up and coming artists. The site has developed a strong audience and provides a great layout to allow you to easily share your music for listeners.

Last FM (www.last.fm)

Last FM provides a unique option for artists looking to promote their music. When music is posted, it is placed into a specific genre. Listeners have filters that allow them to get very specific about the type of music that they’d like to hear. This makes Last FM the best option for artists looking to target a certain audience.

iLike (ilike.com)

iLike is one of the top social music sites on the internet. There is no better site for artists looking to help their top hits go viral. The competition is fierce on iLike, however, with over 200,000 different artists sharing their music regularly.


MP3.com has been a major source of music sharing for quite a few years now. They feature a vast traffic base and fans from every genre imaginable. If you’re an up and coming artist this is definitely a site that you’re going to want to make your presence felt.

SoundCloud (www.soundcloud.com)

SoundCloud features one of the biggest audiences for music on the web. They’re also popular in multiple countries, with over 200 million users throughout the world. Sharing your music on SoundCloud is an absolute necessity for anyone looking to maximize their music’s exposure.


GarageBand isn’t as big as many of the other options on this list but they’re quickly developing into a leader of the music sharing industry. The site allows listeners to review and rate music, which places a premium on providing quality music.

Rdio (www.rdio.com)

Rdio is one of the major competitors of the popular music sharing platform Spotify and is quickly reaching a high level of passionate listeners. Rdio is focused on non mainstream artists, making it perfect for the up and comer.

Earbits (www.earbits.com)

Earbits doesn’t have a huge membership like many of the other sites on this list, but that will certainly change once users become more acclimated with what they have to offer. This is undoubtedly one of the highest quality options for sharing music. The site also features a unique social currency system that encourages listeners to listen to certain music.

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