How to Use the Internet to Promote Your Unsigned Band

Getting signed in today’s competitive music industry is undoubtedly very difficult. Fortunately, however, there are a lot of ways that the Internet can be used to increase your chances of getting noticed by a record label.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use the internet to promote your unsigned band:

Providing Great Music for Sharing

The most important part of this process is providing quality music on a consistent basis. It has never been easier for great musicians to get noticed than it is today, especially with all of the social media and sharing platforms that are now available. If you provide good music, people are going to notice and they’re going to share your music with their friends, family and followers.

Try to develop music videos and other forms of video that are optimized to be able to share on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Making Youtube based music videos is also another great way to do this.

There is no more powerful form of promotion than word of mouth. If you provide your listeners with great music there is no doubt that they’re going to tell their friends about it. It only takes one or two great songs to get noticed, so focus on providing the best music you possibly can. Great music can make up for bad promotion but great promotion can’t make up for bad music.

online music promotion, promoting band onlineUse Major Online Promotional Sites

This is a given but you need to be sure that you’re developing a presence on as many music sharing sites as possible. At the very least you should be promoting your music on SoundCloud, ReverbNation, BandCamp, and MySpace, although there are many other sites to choose from as well.


Blogging about your musical experiences is a great way to promote your band because it shows your personality and helps people get a feel for exactly who you and your band are. Record labels are going to want to know about your story as much as they’re going to want to know about you as a person as much as they’re going to want to know about your musical ability.

Use blogging to open up to your fans and listeners and develop a more personable relationship with them. There’s nothing more appealing to a record label than knowing a band or artist has a passionate fan base.

Make Yourself Easy to Contact

If you’re looking to get signed you’ll want to make sure that you make it as easy to contact you as possible. I’m not suggesting that you post your phone number on your website but you should have an email listed that is easy to find. Also, don’t use the email forms that most websites use. It’s not personal and it makes people feel like their message is going to go unnoticed.

Be Proactive

Make sure you aren’t just counting on record labels to come find you. Develop a media kit that you can easily share with record labels and send them to as many of them as possible. Be sure that you’re personalizing each kit to the specific label that you’re targeting as I’m sure you’re aware that major record labels are getting hundreds of media kits every day.

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